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Craig finds great joy in creating opportunities for actors and directors to succeed. Whether in a classroom setting, or one-on-one, you know you are getting an impassioned Coach that loves to pull from a wealth of knowledge. He approaches the craft with great respect and a sense of play that focuses on bringing results that the learner can feel, connect to, and revive in their work.


Sharon Smith-Swan 
Communications Consultant

"Craig was welcoming and disarmed people almost instantly with his authentic, very friendly, caring and professional manner. He is the "real McCoy" and it was not difficult to be fully engaged because of his relaxed and inviting approach with the material and the participants. He honoured the differences with each person and sent everyone home with their dignity, and an enhanced sense of self worth and value as an individual."

Lana Turok

Actor, Graduate - New Image College

“Studying with Craig was a very special experience for me. He doesn't try to make you act; he wants you to feel, to connect to, to smell the situation you are in. He combines methods with different exercises and helps you to open your heart and find the unique person that you're hiding within, to mainly find and build the artist you have always been.”

Liam Peters

Actor, Graduate – VAS  Program

“I’ve had many solid teachers over the years, in both Vancouver and Toronto, and Craig still remains at the top of my list. Humble, kind, funny and a deep appreciation for everyone around him. Not to mention, a love so deep for the craft, oceans would be jealous. I am eternally grateful for the lessons Craig has taught me.”

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